Hello !

Who am i ?

Developer - Student - Geek - Curious -

I'm Richard Rabillon, a web developer living in Paris, France. I've always been interested in computers since i'm a kid and managed to make my passion my job. I'm always on the match for opportunities, so feel free to contact me for any enquiries !

  • HTML5's API, semantic and canvas with frameworks like PhaserJS

  • Using some frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize. Animation & Keyframes

  • Good olds Vanilla and jQuery. Also done a bit of server-side JS with NodeJs and Socket.io

  • From Scratch, procedural and OOP, using some CMS and Frameworks

Skills and TOOLS

Go to Wordpress


Started as a blogging platform, WordPress is now the most used CMS all over the world. I use it with ACF plugin and often Themosis Framework or Timber



Contao is a free open source CMS made in Germany. The last version is also available as a Symfony bundle or as a stand-alone version with components from that framework. Contao is a well made CMS with a easy to use and understand API

Go to Drupal


Although it is not my main CMS, i can work with Drupal 7 and currently learning version 8.

Go to Symfony3


One of the most powerful PHP framework. I had the chance to learn it while my class courses.


Here are some projects i've worked on !

Franchise Tryba

Website for the TRYBA franchises. Made with Drupal 7.


Landing page made for E-green startup. School project, from scratch.

Courtois Paris

Made with WordPress. Courtois is a brand doing hats and gloves.


AGS is a insurance company. The job was about re-work all the front end part and some back-end adjustments. Made with Contao

Mario mini-game

Little HTML5/CSS3 JS mini-game made at school. A bit buggy, but i liked to work on it ! You’ll find the source code on my github.

Ingénieurs 2000

Wordpress website, used Timber framework.

Road Rage

Online shooter game, made with NodeJS (using Socket.io for real time), and PhaserJS. Not online anymore, but source code is avaible on my github account.